Lieutenant General William "Jerry" Boykin

Lt. Gen Jerry Boykin is a retired American general officer who was the United States Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence under President George W. Bush from 2002 to 2007. During his 36-year career in the military he spent 13 years in the Delta Force and was involved in numerous high-profile missions, including the 1980 Iran hostage rescue attempt, the 1992 hunt for Pablo Escobar in Colombia, and the Black Hawk Down incident in Somalia.

The 56th Orange Coast 

Mayors' Prayer Breakfast

Government, religious, and civic leaders will gather for the Mayors' Prayer Breakfast with the purpose of praying for America’s leaders. 
Orange Coast Outreach has chaired this event to encourage the community to gather and reaffirm spiritual values upon which this nation was founded.
The Mayors' Prayer Breakfast was designed after the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, first held by President Eisenhower in 1953. The event originated as a time of personal reflection and re-dedication to God, as well as an opportunity to restore and reaffirm the spiritual heritage of America. The Mayors' Day Breakfast echoes these objectives through prayer, word and song.

NEW Date & Time

Wed, October 7, 2020

7:00 AM – 9:00 AM PDT


Hotel Irvine

17900 Jamboree Road

Irvine, CA 92614

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